Sarah Baxter was born in Colchester, nineteen hundred-odd years after Boudica sacked the Roman capital. She is a first-generation Essex girl, following a lineage of Norfolk farmers and seafarers. Sarah studied Chemistry at Warwick University, the only student in her year with an English Literature A-Level. She gained a First; a research career beckoned, then became impossible, when she discovered she was allergic to solvents. 

Following graduation, she moved into the corporate world as a project manager, a role which tookher from London to Sydney and back again. After a spell in the Perthshire Highlands, Sarah returned to her birthplace in 2009, where she discovered writing.  Several of Sarah’s short stories and flash fictions have been published. She was third in the flash fiction category for the 2013 Bridport Prize; had a memoir published in Words & Women’s 2014 anthology, was shortlisted in Nibfest's 2014 short story competition - part of Social Book Week, the challenge was to write a new 5,000 word story in seven days; and was winner of A.M. Heath’s 2014 ‘Criminal Lines’ competition to find a new crime novelist. 


Sarah works  for a charity, supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis, and is focusing on finishing her first crime novel.