Mark was born in Whitstable in 1966 and has lived in London since the 1980s. A transient decade of short-term lets and long-term parties took a bite out of him and while in recovery he started to work through the questions and fears that were to frame his first two novels. Mark’s first published story Up West appeared in Writers’ Forum in 1999.  Although a very brief piece, it marked the beginning of his emergence as a distinctive London writer. Catching time at the kitchen table while his young children were asleep, Mark developed his first collection Blue Sunday Stories and through the early years of the century steadily grasped towards the individual style which makes his work recognisably compelling. In 2010 Allotments became his first story published in the United States. Mark has won several UK and US awards. In 2012 he won the Machigonne Fiction Contest with title story from his collection Burn Lines.