Adena Graham's short stories have appeared in numerous publications, both online and offline - including Creepy Pasta, Unhinged, Dead Things, QWF, Writers' Brew and, most recently, three editions of Popshot Magazine. She has twice been placed as runner-up in the Faber Academy Quickfic competition. Her short story, Parrotlytic, won third prize in the To Hull & Back humorous short story competition, her short story More Than Life was Highly Commended in the Writers' Village International Short Fiction Award Winter 2015, and her short story Comedy of Terrors won the Hour of Writes competition in February. She was also shortlisted for the Ink Tears Flash Fiction Prize 2015. As well as short stories, Adena's had two erotic novels published under a pseudonym (so her mum won't find out!) She has also completed two fiction novels and is partway through a third, which she hopes to find an agent for. Adena lives with her husband, daughter and a grumpy-looking British Shorthair cat. She spends quite a bit of her time trying to make the cat look less grumpy by feeding it tidbits - so far, it hasn't worked. A sample of her short stories and flash fiction can be viewed on her website.