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Marc Joan was brought up in India, and is a molecular biologist by training. He has lived and worked in Anglesey, Bristol, Cambridge, Geneva, London and East Anglia, and spent time in the US, Japan and Australia. He now lives near Guildford, where he subsists on tea and cynicism. Job obligations and family brouhaha limit his writing efforts to the very early morning, during which time wakefulness is maintained with carefully-positioned bulldog clips. Perhaps for this reason, Marc has come to believe that the purpose of fiction is: first, to make readers unwillingly suspend disbelief; then, to subject them to cruel and unusual metaphors; and finally to ensure that they suffer irreversible sequelae, including but not limited to existential angst, waking nightmares, poor moral fibre and weight gain around the hips. That said, sometimes, in some of his stories -- despite his best efforts -- something more worthy raises its innocent little head. Marc has had fiction published by magazines including Structo, Bohemyth, Literary Orphans, Smokelong Quarterly, Danse Macabre, Hypnos, Chroma, Bookends Review and Sein und Werden; and his novelette, The Speckled God, was published by Unsung Stories in Feb 2017. He has been long-listed for the Brighton Short Story prize; he was a published finalist in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2017/2018; and he received a Special Mention in the Galley Beggar Short Story Prize 2017/2018. Other publications are forthcoming in Lighthouse literary journal, and in a Comma Press anthology. Marc can be contacted via