Why is membership free?

We want to encourage more people to read, and to give a broader audience to our writers. We don’t want any barriers in the way. 


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Some of our writers have published collections of short stories or novels and we hope that if you’ve enjoyed their tales you might consider purchasing some more of their work. The choice is entirely yours, and we won’t spam you with requests to make purchases.


Do you sell the InkTears email list to third parties?



I’ve signed up, where are all the stories?

When you sign up you will receive your first newsletter with a link to our story of the month within approximately 30 days (or sooner - depends where we are in the month). You can also read any of the last three stories immediately by clicking here. However, we don’t provide a database of short stories that you can browse through and read in one sitting. We send out one short story per month. 


Can I read stories you published last month (before I joined)?

We keep the last three stories available online, in case you didn't get around to reading it. After that, they self-destruct :)


I’m an author. Will you publish my story?

We source the stories we publish from our annual competition. Entry details are here. Very occasionally we publish additional work recommended by our editors / contacts. 


At the bottom of the story there is a link for feedback. What’s that about?

We like to know which stories were your favourites, and the writers love to understand what readers like (or hate!) about their work. The feedback portion of the site allows you to enter comments on each story you’ve read. It only takes a minute, but it is really valuable to us. As a little encouragement, when providing feedback you can also see a paragraph or so by the writer about the story - sometimes a humorous anecdote, or something about how or why the story was written. You can join in the debate about a story with other readers & writers - please try to keep the comments constructive though!


Are your stories suitable for children?

InkTears covers a broad spectrum of writing and that includes some adult themes. While many stories are certainly very suitable for children, we would recommend that parents review each story individually and decide for themselves whether it is appropriate for their children.


How do I find out more about a particular writer?

Each writer published on InkTears has their own page with a brief bio and a link to their personal website (if they have one). Details of their additional published works and/or contact information can be found in this way. Here's where you can view our writers information.