A couple of days late, but here are the results of our largest ever Flash Fiction contest. This is so hot off the press, we haven't actually emailed the winners yet... (if you are the winner, runner up, or highly commended, you'll get an email in the next 48 hours). We will also publish some notes on the themes, standard of entries, and so on. But you can stop reading this now - go ahead and scan for your name!



Emily's Elephant by Helen Anderson



Church by Scott Whittaker



Egg by Julia Anderson

Immortal by Krishan Coupland

Teeth by Maureen Gallagher

Their Memories by Jude Higgins

Your Own Children by Mandy Huggins

Moby Dick and the Beginning of the End by Ingrid Jendrzejewski

All of her by Louise Kennedy

The Cartoonist by Barry McKinley

3rd & 110th by Tamzin Merchant

Clockwork by Russell Reader



Futures by Annemarie Allan

Yamazakura by Charlie Bliss

If it was the right thing to do by Mark Brandi

Moment of Truth by John Bunting

The Writing Man by Jonathan Cardew

The Fall of Mount Olympus by Kaddy Dee

The Chariot by Florence Delaney

Death Car by Jan Deverell

Flask Orphans by Tony Devlin

In Memoriam by Sarah Dixon

Day and Night by Talitha Duncan-Todd

A Catalogue of Tenderness by Johanna Flashman

Sand Dollar by Marie Gethins

Making a Decision by Wendy Goulstone

The Hut by Adena Graham

Old Soul by Katy Green

Lost Husband by Hilary Hopker

Dragonflies by Sally Jubb

Summer Days by Fiona Kyle

The Water is Clear by Emmaleene Leahy

Anew by Carla Ludgate

Do You Really Want To Know? By Natalie Madden

Bermuda by Tanaka Mhishi

Our Shrinking Giants by Freya Morris

Inland Pier by Marc Owen Jones

Wings by Yvonne Popplewell

Shedding Light by Oonagh Prettejohn

Memories by Ian Shine

Major Benoit C Jones MC by John Simmons

A Taste for Shoes by Anne Summerfield

Compass by Susan Taylor

Light Snacks by Natalia Theodoridou

Jimmy's a Fuck-Up by Tim Waltho

You must remember this by Alison Wassell

Ravenous by Philip Web-Gregg

The Lake by Roger Woodcock


If you got this far and didn't find your name, then I'm sorry. Better luck next time!