We have finally switched to a new website, retiring our old 'iWeb' site which was built piece by piece over several years. It's amazing how the pages build up, a bit like an old bookshelf - full of books that you can't quite get rid of, even though you realise you will probably never read them again. The new site should be easier to maintain, giving us more time to work on producing high quality stories, books, videos and other bits & pieces to please you. The eagle-eyed may spot that a few items haven't yet made it over in the conversion. So just to clarify those items:

  1. Stories: we have the last 3 month's stories listed and available, along with the anecdotes on their creation by the relevant authors. Over the next 1-2 months we will add in details for all of the previous stories - all 75! Historically, we have only put the current month's story on the site (although if you get the newsletter, you can download the PDFs and keep them as long as you like). Moving forward, we will keep the last 3 months available on a rolling schedule. So if you are too busy and miss reading a story one month, you can go back and read it on this website.
  2. Feedback: we haven't been able to convert the feedback - although we read it all as it arrived :)  The new feedback system is awesome though, and doesn't require you to have any specific social media account (although you can share it socially if you want to - we have the buttons!). Please give it a try.
  3. Authors: will ALL be listed on the site, eventually. Right now we have the authors that we have published this year, and those with published InkTears books.
  4. Blog/Thoughts: remarkably, had several hundred entries. It was too big a job to convert (since for technical reasons this would have been a manual effort). So instead we have started with a blank slate, and published our first new batch of items. We may go back and do a 'best of' in the next couple of months, pulling out our favourite items and republishing them.
  5. Videos: were often hidden in the blog. Now they have there very own page (as well as a unique YouTube channel)
  6. Award winners: again, were often hidden in the blog. Now they also have a unique place (scroll down that page)where you can see the prize winners for each year.

There are some new artists featured on the site, along with our long-time collaborator, Siret Roots. You can see who created any image by hovering over the picture, and if you want to learn more about them we will have links in our About section. We really hope you like the new site, and that you tell your friends! Use those social buttons at the bottom of the page!! Of course, if you find any broken links, errors, or have any tips or ideas, pleas email us or just add a comment below. Thanks!