Hard to believe this is now our 7th annual contest, isn't it? Time flies like an arrow (fruit flies like a banana)*  The same rules apply this year, but we have been force to increase the price slightly to £7.50 (GBP) per story. The reason behind that is here, along with some interesting analytics on writing competition pricing. We have also switched from using a home-built form-based system (that seemed to give lots of people issues each year) to Submittable. If you haven't used that package before, then perhaps you haven't entered many writing competitions lately...! It seems to becoming the defacto standard method of both entering contests, and handling the workflow for judging. Early impressions are positive, but I am opening the doors to the annual competition with slight trepidation. While we have run some tests, there is nothing like the last week or hour of a competition, when several hundred entries arrive in rapid succession, to test a new technical implementation and the nerves of the organisers! If you want to make our life easier, you could help by entering earlier this year. The deadline is 30 November, but we are very, very, happy to receive entries from now onwards.

As usual, good luck with your entries! Here's the contest page.

*Obscure reference to AI. This sentence used to be wheeled out as the reason why computers could not understand language - the same grammatical structure, but very different meanings. I'm sure they've figured this out now...

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