We were delighted to see that Joanna Campbell’s book When Planets Slip Their Tracks was one of seven books shortlisted for the Fiction and Short Fiction category of the International Rubery Prize. The judges were kind enough to say that the book was 'superbly written and populated with strong characters and fine, small details’, and that Joanna 'demonstrates genuine compassion for ordinary people’.

We asked Jo how she felt when she heard that she'd been shortlisted, and she told us ‘I was thrilled that the judges highlighted the ordinary people theme and especially that they found the characters well-defined. This shortlisting is a huge honour for When Planets Slip Their Tracks and came as a complete surprise as I knew the competition would be fierce.’

The book of the year was awarded to Laura Tisdall’s Echoes, and we pass on our congratulations. As writers we understand that awards play an important role in recognition, and providing an impetus to keep working to improve, but they also play a significant role in helping readers identify quality, to choose from the rapidly growing mountain of self-published material. We hope that the shortlisting for Joanna will bring more readers to her work.

As a side note, Julia Anderson wrote a fine review of When Planets Slip Their Tracks on the Thresholds website, and there is also an interview with Jo on The Short Story.