Ingrid Jendrzejewski for her stories Heat Death, and also Sign, Signifier, Signified: Or, the Deconstruction of the End of an Evening



Cenotaph by Karen Lethlean



Son of God - the Pin-up by Sharon Boyle

Haunting by Alice Cairns and Mary Trend

The Reliable Witness by Sandra Crook

Orange by Mark Dixon

The Mountain Cherry Tree Corps by Mandy Huggins

Hidden Treasure. by Tric Kearney

Snowslip by Emma J Myatt

Cutting the Cord by Amanda O'Callaghan

Things That Used To Be Safe by Natalia Theodoridou



Man. Woman. Master. by Therese Abonales

A Hunger by S Arkwright

Extreme Poverty by Gautam Banerjee

(If Ya Gotta Go) Go Now by Dianne Bown-Wilson

Snowflakes by Louisa Campbell

The Girl Who Had A TIE-Fighter For A Nose by Jonathan Cardew

A Soldier's Tale by Frances Colville

A Matter of Minutes by Sandra Crook

Urban safari by Keely Double

My Hero by Ellen Evers

The Morning After by Rebecca Fortuin

Mapped by Marie Gethins

Water Tank by Esther Hannan-Moon

The Search by Alan Hewett

Night life by Maurice Hibberd

Grand Designs by Jude Higgins

Electric by Jude Higgins

Lunchtime Talk by Donald Hiscock

The River by John Holland

Colour Me Silver by Yasmin Howard-Spink

Gone, Boy by Susan Howe

Safe House by Susan Howe

A Thousand Missing People by Mandy Huggins

The Last of Michiko by Mandy Huggins

Nelson by Mandy Huggins

Conjuring Ghosts by Victoria Hunter

Occupancy by Victoria Hunter

Ted, Sylvia by Jason Jackson

Reflection by Arianne James

When Dreams are Large and Tusked by Ingrid Jendrzejewski

Grief or relief by duncan jones

A man of letters by Claire Kelly

The Berry Heath by Sofie Kitts

Late by Lisa Kusel

Re-entry by Hanne Larsson

Room 203 by Stewart Lawrence

The New Dress by LydiaLee

Missed Connections at the CDC by Carolyn Lenz

The Way of the Dodo by Carolyn Lenz

At A Glance by Madeleine Leslie

Only Dreaming by Mark Lisney

Transmigration by Christine Locher

Flying with Miriam by Diana London

Heat by Louise Mangos

Sisters by Israela Margalit

Since by Robert Mason

Wild in Serengeti by David McVey

Growing Pains by Elissa Miller-Crispe

Vengeance by Rachael Mills

A Classic School Girl Error by Jacqueline Morrey-Grace

Slush Puppies by Freya Morris

Release by Michael Müller

Snails by Emma J Myatt

Clotilde by Cheryl Nicol

An Uncommon Occurrence by Amanda O'Callaghan

Facebook Friend by Christopher Owen

Lessons for Life by Glenn Price

An Oceanful of Loneliness by Russell Reader

The Silence of the Singers by Lorna Riley

Quick Jerk by Lorna Riley

Sunk Costs by Alexander Robinson

A Walk in the Park by Uwe Schwarze

David's Face by George Simmonett

Cremains by Kathryn Smith

Creatures of Habit by Rebecca Smith

The Golden Bowl by Peter Snow

Pieces by Peter Snow

Butterfly Net by Christopher Stanley

Best served cold by Jen Syrkiewicz

Funeral Rites by Christina Taylor

This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never by Jennifer Tucker

Brooklyn to Manhattan by Naomi Wells

Messiah by Katy Wimhurst

Bureaucracy Rules! by Angela Wray

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