We have opened the doors for our annual flash fiction contest. We're using submittable for the first time this year (although we've already used it once for our current short story contest, so we're getting more familiar with it all the time...). We shall look forward to reading your crazy, wild, moving, powerful pieces. I'm going to make a confession here. I wasn't totally convinced about flash fiction when we ran our first contest a couple of years ago. I mean I loved David Gaffney's work, but a lot of the other material I'd seen or heard had left me a little cold - they felt like unfinished short stories. However, I'm now a total convert. Some of my favourite pieces of fiction that we've published in the last few years have been our flash winners - I think it is a definite new art form, and I'm a huge fan. I also love the way it attracts younger writers, and gives them a chance to compete on a slightly more level playing field with more experienced writers. I'm not quite sure how that happens, because their is plenty of skill and craft required. Anyway, this has almost hit the limit of words for flash, and has none of the poetry or magic that your work will have, so I'd better sign off and give you the link with the details.