This is what you've been waiting for, I know... the longlist for our annual short story competition. A few people appear on the list multiple times,  which means that several of their stories have made the cut. I would point out that the stories are blind read, and by multiple judges, so to get on the longlist is an achievement, and to do it several times shows that you clearly have 'the right stuff'. It is interesting that I recognise most of the names that appear on the list multiple times... either from previous InkTears competitions, or from other contests. However, multiple entries does not guarantee you a place on the shortlist! We have not published the story names, because our judges are continuing to review and make their choices without knowing the writer's name. Good luck in the next round - the final results will be announced late March.

P.S. We have updated the records in submittable, so while we can't tell you which story is through on this public forum, you can tell by checking your submittable records...

Adam Ipsen

Adena Graham

Adena Graham

Alex Reece Abbott

Alexander Moran

Alison Wassell

Amanda Saint

Amy Price

Andrew Stiggers

Ann Biggins

Anne Summerfield

Antony Lindsell

Antony Lindsell

Arianne James

Bruce Harris

Cameron Williams

Caroline Gilfillan

Catharine Mee

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly

Christine Cox

Christopher Berry

Christopher Woodall

Claire Adam

Claire Davies

Craig Whyte

D Wiseman

David Butler

David Gibson

David Mathews

David Sweet

diane shortland

Eileen Herbert-Goodall

Ellen Evers

Ewa Mazierska

Gina Challen

Hannah van Didden

Hazel Osmond

James Mulhern

Jeanne Davies

John Connolly

John Connolly

Judy Leigh

Julia Byers

Julia Prendergast

Julia Prendergast

Julie Dawn

Linda Brucesmith

Linda Brucesmith

Louise Kennedy

Lubomír Mikisek

Lucia Damacela

Luciana Patri

Malcolm Richardson

Mandy Huggins

Mandy Huggins

Marina Marinopoulos

Mary McClarey

Mary O'Shea

Melanie Erspamer

Michelle Webb

Nemone Thornes

Nemone Thornes

Nikhil Joglekar

Oonagh Prettejohn

Patricia Osborne

Pauline Mary Curley

PJ Stephenson

Poornima Manco

Rachel Jay

Rael Martell

Richard Hillesley

Sally Jubb

Sally Lane

Sandra Bancroft

Sarah Birch

Sarah Houghton

Stephanie Ball

Stephanie L

Susan Bennett

Suzi Finlay

Thomas Szendrei

Thomas Szendrei

Thomas Szendrei

Tracey Glasspool

Venita Munir

Wendy Goulstone

Will Hillier