We have banned laptop computers, tablets, and phones from most of our meetings at work. There are plenty of good reasons for this, but the main one is that we want people to engage in the conversations, and not be checking IM, email, social media, looking up a website to check out something somebody just mentioned, etc. Still, we need to make some notes, so most people have reverted to pen and paper. The moleskin is popular again. I love moleskins. I have seven or eight of them for capturing writing ideas, painting word pictures, making notes on the stories I was reading, and so on. I still have an 'active' one, although I must admit it has not seen much activity lately. That's because I have put most of my writing notes into my computer for the last couple of years. In addition, I read quite a lot on Kindle now, and find it easier to highlight than take pen-paper notes. One downside of the moleskin is that I (used to) write in a very, very small size font. Being (ahem)  a little older now, and lets just say I need very good light to be able to read those notes. My 'work' moleskin is therefore a larger one, where I can write in a bigger font, and still read it back in low-light scenarios. [PS Can you write in a small font size? Or should I just say I have tiny writing. Font is probably just a typesetting phrase... but I'm sure you know what I mean]. 

So, I am back to writing pen on paper for all my work meetings. I'm actually finding it quite good. I like the fact that I can flick back and find my notes on what happened a month ago, pretty easily. I can review the week without a problem. I know my moleskin will still work when I upgrade my computer to the next OS. I'm also aware that I could lose it very easily, and it is much harder to back up...

With all of that said, is it time to try writing a story freehand, like a 'real' writer from a previous century? No. I see plenty of writers in interviews swearing that pen on paper is their favourite choice (or pencil on paper). For me though, I'm a slow writer and I get cramp fast. That's partly because I'm a left-handed person who writes in an odd way with my right hand. Typing, I can operate as fast as thought. Ideas can flow uninhibited by my dexterity. My fear is that keyboards will disappear as we are all told to use digital pencils on tablet screens.

What about you? Are you a paper or keyboard person?

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