I don't have writer's block, I just haven't written anything for a long time. I don't sit and stare at a blank piece of paper (or an empty screen), I simply don't have time to even imagine sitting down and writing for an hour or more. I think (hope) there is a difference between not writing and not having time to write. However, the summer vacation is nearly upon me, and with that comes a little spare time. I will pull out my moleskin, and look at all of the snippets that have been squirrelled away [why did auto-correct want to make that 'squid away'?]. There are tiny pieces of dialogue, SS titles, sometimes even a note or two about the thread of narrative. I will browse all of these simultaneously, and perhaps combine one or two into a jumping off point, then dive in and start writing. Who knows what will emerge? In between bursts of writing, there will be adventures (rafting down the Grand Canyon, anyone?) and other books to inspire and open up alternative vistas. I start off with great hopes of writing, but if I come back with two new stories I'll be pleased... two more than I had last week :)