We were having a debate the other day about unfilmable books. Sometimes you read an amazing book and you think, that was fantastic, but it wouldn't work as a movie... Then you hear somebody is trying it. You go along to see the movie, and you come away disappointed, because you knew all along it would never be as good as the book. However, your friend, who went with you and never read the book, enjoyed the film. You say to them 'But you have to read the book!', although you know they won't... because they know the ending already. Frustrating, right?

So in the spirit of discovery, and knowledge sharing, let's share the books that never could be (or should have been) turned into movies. Then we can all read them before we have to suffer the poor imitation on celluloid (or on a flash drive, or whatever they store digital movies on now):

  • Dune by Frank Herbert - a book of thought, unfilmable. The movie with Sting proves my case.
  • I Am Legend by Richard Matheson - actually not a bad movie, but they ruined the ending! The whole point of the book was lost...
  • H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald - too much (interesting) thought, not enough action for a movie. Although the flying would be great on a big screen


Now I'm feeling guilty, so here are some books I would love to see on the silver screen:

  • Flight of Dreams by Ariel Lawhon
  • The Future for Curious People by Gregory Shurl
  • Meg by Steve Alten - because I'm a sucker for shark movies (just seen The Shallows)


What are your suggestions for either category?