Here we go... the longlist for our annual flash fiction contest. Feel free to share and jump up and down on social media, if you feel so inclined, or knock back a stiff drink if that's your choice. If you are on this list, then you may have won - nobody has been notified yet, that will happen in about a week, give or take a few days. If you are not on the list, then take heart in the fact that there were about 50+ additional stories that were only a smidgen away from being here - stories that came very, very close. I did consider publishing a longlist of 100+, but for a contest with about 400 entries that felt like overkill. I've noticed other sites are doing a longlist of 10 stories these days, which is a shame... anyway. Congrats to the long listed. Commiserations to everyone else.

A Collection, Diane Simmons

A Jolly Good Fellow, Sharon Telfer

Ash, Charmaine Wilkerson

At Sea, Rachel Sargeant

Balloons, Sherry Morris

Blitz, Alison Wassell

Car by Car, Mandy Huggins

Clocks, Adena Graham

Coffee, Sophie Livingston

Coming Back to Primorsk, Anna Nazarova-Evans

Countdown, Susan Howe

Drown, Melissa Goode

Filled, Redfern Barrett

Freedom, William Hillier

Globophobia, Sherry Morris

Grace, Margaret Duffus

Grace, Elizabeth Ottosson

Gut, Stephanie Hutton

Holiday, Melissa Goode

How to Keep Warm in the Winter, Jan Kaneen

Humbuggery, Jan Kaneen

In Pieces, Christina Taylor

Jenny and I go to Bristol Zoo, Anthony Dandy

Love story, Jessica Lennard

Murmuration, Fiona Mills

My Broken Leg, Leonie Hearn

Mystery, Tony Oswick

Opposite of a Girl, Stephanie Hutton

Pedometry, Shannon Savvas

Perpetual Motion, Samantha See

Pregnant Pause, William Diamond

Providence, Christopher Allen

Purple With a Purpose, Amanda Saint

Sad Songs, Yvonne Popplewell

Seeing, Richard Vick

Sex All Weekend, Michael Forester

Someone to Hold, Peter Barker

Space, Imogen van der Meer

Sponges, Russell Reader

Subsidence, Samantha White

Sunday Morning, John Holland

Sundown Town, Joe Eurell

Swifts, Jude Higgins

Thanatos, Steven Holding

The Bone Queen, Donna Greenwood

The Days to Come, Michael Batchelor

The Man behind the Face, Jill Brown

The Miracle Man - 1978, Thecla Condon

The Sunday CERN Laboratory Created an Accidental Supermassive Black Hole, Steven Amen

Two Loonies, Brindley Dennis

Tying the knot, Mary Bevan

What Cats Can Do, Charmaine Wilkerson

What We Can't Help Wishing, Helen Kampfner

Whatever Speed She Dared, Mandy Huggins

When No One Is Looking, Karen Jones

Where the plan first occurred to her, Amy J. Kirkwood

Willing to meet, Drew Taylor

Winter Spider, Jude Higgins


That's all!