Happy Birthday to Us!

OK, we're not actually 100 years old, despite the photographic evidence to the contrary.

However, we have published 100 issues of our Newsletter, delivering 85 stories by new writers, 6 classic stories from legendary authors, and 54 pieces of flash fiction. Several writers have featured multiple times, and a few have even crossed boundaries and appeared in our flash and fiction lists. A big thank you to every one of our contributors, and also to all of you that have entered our competitions. I haven't tallied up the number of contest entries, but it would be in the thousands. Every story I've read has improved my own writing, but given that I'm still a struggling author myself, it looks like the ten-thousand hour thing might need to be ten-million for me :(  

Our first issue was in 2009, and as we approach 2018 we will soon be at our ninth 'real' birthday as measured in years. We are contemplating what the future holds... we want to celebrate our tenth birthday in 2019 (party?!) but after that, well, we shall see! The writing & publishing world has changed tremendously since InkTears launched. We are older than the iPad, and even the Kindle had barely celebrated it's first birthday when we sent out the issue #1. 


I'm immensely proud of the writers we have helped, in our small way, to highlight - from those that have published collections with us: Bonnie West, Lynne Voyce, Mark Wagstaff, Melanie Whipman, Joanna Campbell, and also those whose work has simply featured in our newsletter - people like Alison Moore, Tania Hershman, Nicholas Royle, Danielle McLaughlin to name just a few (and apologies to all others not listed!). We have two new showcase volumes coming out which will highlight several writers that have had multiple pieces published with us, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on those volumes soon (check out the launch event).

Most of all though, I'm delighted to think how many readers have delighted in the work that we have been able to share. Since the beginning, we have stuck to our credos of one email per month, never selling your data, and we don't allow third-party adverts in our newsletter either (although we will give you a nudge to buy the books we print ourself - purely to keep funding the whole thing!). As I've discovered via managing the judging process for our contests, nobody likes every story, but I hope that there have been many tales that have generated a smile, or brought a tear to your eye. Hopefully not because of our editing. Thanks for being part of the InkTears tribe!