Before I get a cascade of flaming comments, can I just point out this is a bit of fun? All judging has been anonymous, so our judges don't know whether pieces were submitted by male or female writers... but curiosity got the better of me, and I wondered how many of our winners were from each gender. To be of real value, we'd also need to know the percentage of entrants of each gender too, and while we have the data, that would be a LOT of work, so just for fun, I thought you'd like to know that, in total across all of our contests ever:

Short Stories 

Winners & Runners Up: 58% Male, 42% Female

Highly Commended: 79% Female, 21% Male


Flash Fiction

Winners & Runners Up: 81% Female, 19% Male

Highly Commended: 77% Female, 23% Male


So female writers win three out of four categories (by a big margin), but men, just about, hold a narrow lead at the top of the short story category - although a single winning story from a woman next year would tilt that result in the other direction. 

I'd have to assume that men are not entering the flash fiction contest as much... or else we're really bad at writing less than 500 words. Men - please defend your gender and send us your best flash fiction now! ;) Link here.