At the weekend, I was interviewed for a new podcast series, all about....ah! I can't tell you (I did say zero spoilers). I love podcasts. They're fun to listen to, especially in the car, and just as much fun to take part in - although the editing is a b****.  This is a series of podcasts based on a related theme, and to make it especially pertinent for the InkTears crowd, each episode will have a small flash piece or an excerpt from a short story (about 1200 words). We may, possibly, run a little contest for one of the pieces... don't send me anything yet though, because you don't know the theme!

I'm excited to tell you more about the project when I can. For now, my lips have been zipped shut by the editor who is called S*******!

PSSST I think she's gone now.As an extra snippet, I can tell you that it is related to my day job at Swarm Engineering