Can I admit now that the title is a trick, to lure you in to this post? Don't go yet though! I need your help! I'm a big fan of podcasts and audiobooks, I love listening to them in the car. My daily journey is about 40 mins, which is perfect for listening to something interesting, and to take my mind off the aggressive drivers that attempt to kill me every day (yes I'm talking to you, lady in a very large white car). Over the years, I've listened to many audiobooks (and being a book snob, I will only listen to unabridged works). Recently though, I had got out of the habit. So eighteen months ago, I set about downloading a few audiobooks for my phone. The trial has resulted in:

  1. Much more enjoyable journeys
  2. A doubling of the number of novels I have 'read' in the year
  3. Writing inspirations and ideas

Off the top of my head, and in no particular order, I have especially enjoyed: City of Thieves by David Benioff, Prey by Michael Crichton (an oldie, but his stuff is great for the car, and a lesson in fast-paced narrative), The Sellout by Paul Beatty, The Trespasser by Tana French (the long police interviews were fantastic in audio, and the narrator was great), and Slade House by David Mitchell (interestingly made, with different actors for each of the main narrative chunks). 

I've also listened to a batch of non fiction (including Bill Bryson's History of Nearly Everything), Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, and lots of varied podcasts - including most of the Freakonomics set. The number of short story ideas I've gathered from this hotchpotch of listening has been phenomenal. If only I had time to write them all!

One thing I haven't listened to, though, are any podcasts by writers (or editors) for writers. If you know any good ones, feel free to share the names or links below. See, I told you I need your help :)