...I am going to recommend using a salt-flotation device, especially if you are a writer! A new place opened up near my office recently with 'pods' where you can do a salt-float. I actually tried these years ago, in a place on Oxford High Street. My wife used to call the units coffins, because they were long narrow devices where they shut the lid on you, so perhaps not great for people with claustrophobia. I really like the experience though (the float, not the coffin), and we once went to big salt-float pool at a place called Nirvana, near Reading. That was a communal float, with a ceiling that looks like stars with twinkling lights. That would have been a much more enjoyable experience if I hadn't done a big run earlier in the day and rubbed my nipples raw. As a tip, heavily salted water and raw wounds = bad combination. 

Anyway, I'm mentioning this here in the blog because I always found the flotations great for writing inspiration. The experience is hard to describe - although you can read lots of reviews and comments on the relevant websites. What I find, is that after may be ten or fifteen minutes, your body is left behind (the water is skin temperature, and you are floating perfectly still, and not touching anything, so your body sort of ceases to register), and your mind can wander. It is great for thinking about story ideas, clearing your head, daydreaming, etc. I nearly always find myself surprised that the hour has passed, and hopping out to grab a notebook and jot down a couple of ideas I've just had. So if you have a particular writing problem you're wrestling with, or you just fancy a different experience, I'd recommend giving it a try.