Congratulations to the winners of our annual flash fiction contest. You won’t have to wait lag to read them, as we will publish a batch in December, and the second batch in Feb. Don’t be too disheartened if you didn’t make the cut (especially if you were on the shortlist), why not try your hand at the short story contest - you still have a couple of weeks to get your entries in!


Three Chords and the Truth by Steven Holding

Runner Up

Pocket Wishes for Scraps of Paper by John Heggelund

Highly Commended

Scratched Enamel Heart by Mandy Huggins

Small Mercies by Karen Jones

A Jog by Tom Moody

Captivity by Jennifer Riddalls

Sea Change by Sharon Telfer

The Visitor by James Watson

Messenger by Brian Wilson

The Elephant in the Room by Xanthe Knox