I’m tempted to call this the medium list, because it’s too long for a short list and too short for a long list. Congratulations to all those that made the list, and commiserations to the 70 stories that were in close contention for this list, but just missed out. The winners will be notified in another 7-10 days - nobody has been told yet, because we are still in the final judging stages.

Susan Bonetto - January

Ian Brown - Clouds on the Horizon

Ian Burton - Blackbird Song

Mary Cummings - Madame Bessaud

Amy Dupcak - Follow the Sun

Sarah Farley - Locked Drawers

Anthony Farmer - Go Straight Up

Tracy Fells - Inheritance

Soramimi Hanarejima - Fixing Memory

John Heggelund - Pocket Wishes for Scraps of Paper

Steven Holding - Three Chords and the Truth

Mandy Huggins - Scratched Enamel Heart

Stephanie Hutton - Blow Your House Down

Karen Jones - Small Mercies

Xanthe Knox - The Elephant in the Room

Niamh MacCabe - Cave

Niamh MacCabe - Halves

Louise Mangos - Heavyweight Dreams

Sue McCormick - Counting

David McVey - Bipolar

Damhnait Monaghan - Aim for a Sigh

Tom Moody - A Jog

Jeanette Perosa - L-word

Jennifer Riddalls - Captivity

Sharon Telfer - Sea Change

Alison Wassell - Crayons

James Watson - The Visitor

Brian Wilson - Messenger

Josephine Wright - The Shower