Our Editorial Director, Sara-Mae Tuson, wanted to thank everyone for voting for the Sugar Baby Confessionals at the British Podcast Awards - where they won a bronze award! The Fable Gazer team are now working on their next podcast series called Heyer Today, based on Georgette Heyer’s Regency romance novels. We caught up with Sara-Mae to find out how it’s going.

“We've been interviewing more people...39 of them in fact, including national treasure, Stephen Fry, acclaimed bestselling author Joanne Harris, Jennifer Kloester and Susannah Fullerton (who is currently running her amazing literary tours in England - hooray!), Harriet Evans, Mary Jo Putney and many more.

We've also been composing a special musical soundscape to go along with the series, with pieces played on the piano and harpsichord to give a flavour of the Regency period. The twist? Each melody is inspired by the music from a different decade in Georgette's life. It's a small detail, but we hope you'll enjoy it. We worked with the incredible musician Tom Chadd to put these tunes together.

We're also very lucky to have harpist Emma Gatrill's insanely good album 'Chapter 1' as well - buy it on Bandcamp, it's fabulous.”

The new podcast series is due out in December, and they have a tight timescale, as Sara-Mae is pregnant!

The podcasts are free, but are supported by a crowdfunding page (that has some goodies, videos, etc. too). We’ve put our own little contribution in. If you’d like to support Sara-Mae and the Fable Gazer Team, the link is here.