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A woman feels adrift in a foreign city and crosses the rainy street, drawn to a rundown bar. A schoolboy is fascinated by a girl in his class who has no ears. A writer turns up to meet his publisher and begins to tell him the plot for his new book, which gets darker at each turn. Just three of the intriguing encounters you’ll find inside – a cornucopia of vivid ideas, twists, and emotions conjured up by four authors at the top of their game. From the modern noir stories of Brindley Hallam Dennis, through Mandy Huggins skillfully crafted tales with a beating heart, or the new, empathetic writing of rising Australian star Kaya Ra Edwards, there is something here to entice and delight any reader. Perhaps you will join the growing band of followers for Christopher Fielden, whose story provides the title for this collection, weaving a funny yet moving fable around Death sitting in judgement of a superhero, or fall under the spell of his tale where an amputee soldier is visited by a terrifying demon named Colin. Four writers cataloguing love, fear, loss, and joy, each with their own unique style. Do yourself a favour, and buy this now.   


Unique, moving, funny, and cunningly crafted. Several stories in this collection won prizes at InkTears - and they have stayed with me, like all the best tales.
— A M Howcroft, founder of InkTears


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