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Imagine if you could order a wonderful life from the internet, for Amazon to deliver tomorrow. Or how would it feel to be a strapping jack-the-lad who could see the color aura glowing around everyone? Perhaps you might be a performer capable of dazzling a theatre audience with your skills, even while a stalker leered at you from the front row. All of these experiences and many more are packaged up for you inside this slim volume, because the short story is a thought experiment in disguise, that takes you on emotional journeys inside the mind of a stranger. In doing so, you gain fresh perspectives and ideas, while being teased and entertained. We have gathered together four InkTears prize-winning authors, and given them a little space to offer their wares. Some of the packages are sweetly wrapped with a bow, and others are nakedly displayed. Share in their character’s jaunts; laugh, cry, and be thankful your father-in-law doesn’t resemble a silverback gorilla.

The first ever showcase from InkTears, highlighting four tremendous writers whose prize-winning work demonstrates the breadth, power and sheer fun of the short story. Don’t miss this collection.
— A M Howcroft, founder of InkTears


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