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Hannah Persaud

The original idea for this story came from thinking about what could happen in a rigidly controlled society if something went wrong with the systems. The dystopian element appeared whilst writing it (though I’d recently read Emily St. John Mandel so that was probably an influencing factor). The Fox as a symbol of freedom simply walked onto the page. There is something fascinating about a self-sustaining society, from the arrival of the passive house, which already exists, to an extension of the nanny state. There is huge potential for abuse within such a controlled community, and it was fun to explore what it might feel like to question it. What is out there is a constant debate, and I am sure this question will exist thousands of years from now, just as it did thousands of years ago - no matter what our world looks like. Originally the ending to this was different, I have a habit of killing off my characters, but on reflection I decided to leave it ambiguous – after all it’s a little bleak to believe that we have no choice at all!