Julie Evans

I thought it would be fun to write a story with a twist, based on a character I had in mind who, although very much in love with his wife, is cynical and disillusioned with the hand that life has dealt him. The Rehab that he is apparently going through turns out to be not quite what we expect. Something changes in his world early in the story and leaves him confused and questioning what is going on until the end. 

 This is an unusual story for me, as I tend to write a lot of historical pieces, exploring connections between the past and the present, and this piece is contemporary. It fits with the style that I keep coming back to (and am constantly trying to wean myself off!) - the monologue. I find it easier to write a convincing character if I am inside his head and can speak with his idiolect. This piece lends itself well to that style as it is presented as a confessional in a Rehab meeting.