Christine Genovese

Words – I love them. I read dictionaries, etymologies and thesauruses for fun. Once I start digging into the strange detours that an innocent-looking word has indulged in during its eventful, centuries-long existence I get so absorbed in the adventure that I forget what set it off in the first place.

The Colour of Things is a story about words and how they impact somebody’s life. All words have a wide spectrum of meanings depending on the context, and the wonderful conundrum about a word is that its opposite meaning is part of its baggage. 

The idea of compartmentalising words using colours came from a tiny side-bar I found in a magazine with advice from a colour psychologist (yes!) on how to sneak subliminal ideas into a company brochure for example. I used that for the lecture during the three-day publicity course where Pete and Lynne met. But I took it much further with Pete’s collection of emotionally charged words and phrases in colour-coded envelopes.