Angela Forrest

Changeling was developed as part of a series of short stories exploring the intersection of folklore and mythology with modern sexuality. Myths and folk tales can act as warnings against sexual freedom, or breaking other societal norms; they get to the heart of our human fears and desires.

In the myth of the changeling child, I found a strong connection between these old world fears of having your child replaced and modern concerns of not being able to identify with your child, to the point of no longer accepting them as your own. These stories of family rejection were particularly prevalent in my Queer community.

I hoped to explore the link between these modern stories and the changeling myth through the delusions of a mentally unstable father, raised in a culture of strong gender roles and granny’s fairy tales. This culture is the one I grew up with and I wanted to give voice to that West of Scotland attitude with the rhythms of our speech, taking readers right inside the father’s head, sharing in all his own words and ‘wisdoms’.