Angelita Bradney

Some years ago, I challenged myself to write a short story influenced by a visit to the historic seaside town of Hastings. It wasn't difficult to be inspired by the town's strong identity as a fishing port dating from the 11th century, together with its later incarnation as a fashionable seaside resort where the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd performed on the pier. I was struck by the mysterious tall, dark structures on the shingle that once served as fishermen's huts. There's something about the sea, and British seaside towns, that is incredibly atmospheric and I enjoyed developing watery metaphors to tell the story of Margaret and her ill-fated relationship with the unnamed fisherman, all those years ago.

The Tower will always be special for me as it was my first ever short story acceptance when it was chosen for a spoken word event in New York run by Liars' League NYC. I later gave it an edit and was delighted to be highly commended in the InkTears competition.