A M Howcroft

I started InkTears with one of my own short stories, and it felt right to finish with one, too. I chose All this could be yours because it is a fable that has really grown from my experiences of running InkTears, and from being closely involved in many startup companies. I would also suggest that writing a novel is a similar experience. While a large group of people support these ventures, and they are all somewhat of a team sport, ultimately, the responsibility for success or failure resides with a single person. It can be both an honour, and a burden. InkTears was certainly both. I look at many people following the paths they have chosen, and sometimes wonder if they would make the same choices given a second chance. This story emerged from that thought process, and is really a tale of isolation, control, and deciding what will make you happy in the long term. I hope you all make good choices, but retain the courage to change.